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Landslips on one side, angry golfers on the other! DANGER: You should have walked along the road! KEEP OUT of sight of the sea.

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Oliver Letwin helps CPAG

Here are the points raised in the meeting with Oliver Letwin at Mosterton on the 3rd October;

A CPAG team of three met Oliver Letwin to explain the problems with the coast path closures. Oliver had tried to walk from Charmouth to Stonebarrow and had turned back at the county council closure notice. CPAG pointed out that the central principle was that the coast path should be on the coast and Oliver agreed subject to reasonable costs. Oliver accepted CPAG’s observation that land about to slip cannot be worth much.

Oliver read the CPAG leaflet and took further copies then he dictated a letter to Dorset County Council expressing concern over the closures and the diversions along roads. He asked for a meeting with CPAG, Dorset County Council and himself. Oliver agreed to sign the petition on the coast, by a closed notice, in a photo session.

Oliver told us that Countryside Agency’s report that the financial input to the local economy from people using the coast path (£300 million a year for the region) was initiated by him – see website www.countryside.gov.uk for the press release dated 25 September 2003.


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